Social Programs Descriptions

Social Programs Descriptions


Shrewd FoodShrewd Food is a 5-week wellness challenge to help you eat smart. Shrewd Food focuses on five strategies for eating smart: • Enjoy More Fruits & Vegetables • Re-Think Your Drink • Enjoy More Whole Grains • Prepare More Meals at Home • Right-Size Your Portions.  Each two-week period of the challenge focuses on one of the eat smart strategies listed above. Weekly newsletters provide the benefits of adopting these healthy behaviors, quick tip ideas for practicing them and sources of additional information. The newsletters will also keep you interested and motivated to continue eating smart once the challenge is complete




Each week the Stress-Less Challenge focuses on a different strategy to reduce stress.  This 4-week challenge includes weekly themes – Move More, Laugh a Little, Money Management, Make Yourself a Priority – and related strategies to help you manage stress.  The weekly strategies are small, easy things you can do anytime and anywhere.  Each week you will receive a newsletter focusing on the weekly theme.  The newsletter also provides tips to help you adopt these stress reducing strategies as healthy habits.


The Next Step


Taking the Next Step is a 5-week wellness activity that encourages you to be physically active.  Each week you’ll be given practical ideas for easily incorporating more physical activity into your day.  You’ll also get tips for fueling your body for your best workout and recommendations for figuring out what’s next after you reach your goal!



10 til healthThe 10 ’til Health Challenge is a wellness activity that encourages participants to practice health enhancing behaviors such as eating smart, moving more, quitting now and managing stress. For two weeks, the challenge focuses on one of these healthy behaviors— eating smart, moving more, and managing stress. Bi-weekly newsletters detail the benefits of practicing these healthy behaviors and give Ten-Minute Tips on how to fit these behaviors into your busy life.