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Leadership is not a position or title,

it is action and example.


Developing Self-Awareness

Self-awareness gives you the power to adapt, communicate with, influence, build and maintain a cohesive team.  These powerful and engaging presentations provide participants with a basic overview of a variety of concepts and ideologies for enhancing your sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment at work with “right now” strategies for improved personal productivity.


  • Lunch and Learns
  • Onsite presentations
  • Live Webinars
  • Breakout Sessions


From Awareness to Action

Our interactive workshops are a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and improve morale and productivity.  Every workshop includes high impact management training activities that develop critical managerial skills.  Your employees will return to the office reinvigorated and armed with a new set of skills that will promote better cooperation, collaboration and greater team success.


  • ½ day and full day workshops


It’s What You Do

Now that the workshop is over, how do you keep the momentum going?  At Inspired and Innovative Wellness, we believe that getting the hands-on practice in making behavioral change is important, but it’s not the end.  To make sure the skills learned in our workshops stick, we include a 6-month subscription to our online training portal for every participant. Participants will have access to pre-recorded webinars, programs and other learning resources to help make the skills they learn in our workshops become the “new norm” for the way they work.